We are holding live demonstration sessions to show the full capabilities of our CocoonFMS® products.  We will take you through the functionality and the visibility screens. We also will be able to advise on any technical elements.  We can host up to 100 people per webinar.   

Our products consist of:

  • CocoonCarbon - C02 Emission calculator (Door to Door) and covers every mode of transport.
  • CocoonDEM - Demurrage & Detention Calculator 
  • CocoonTMP® - Customer visibility Portal which integrates directly with your Transport Management System
  • CocoonOPS - In development.

Please see the list of webinars below.

CocoonFMS - Demurrage & Detention Calculator

Starting on 25/05/2022 14:00 GMT

Demurrage & detention have been around for centuries, it's always been seen as that horrible charge no one wants to have. We can see why Shipping Lines and Carriers have to charge it but it shouldn't be to the point of getting unexpected bills.

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