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Feature List

CocoonTMP is a state of the art easy to use logistics portal which allows you the logistics company to provide your clients with full visibility of their shipments. The system has been built so that you can integrate your existing Transport Management System into our portal with ease. The system has been built by experts within the industry. CocoonTMP will give you the ideal tool to compete with the largest freight forwarder without the hassle of developing your own system. Not only does it look good and help you manage your supply chain our whole eco-system is carbon-offset.

Please find below some of the key features within CocoonTMP:

  • All Shipments (Air/Sea/Road)
  • Shipment approval
  • Awaiting Clearance Documentation (upload C88 and customs documentation) 
  • Awaiting Release From Supplier
  • Shipments Awaiting Delivery
  • Shipment Booking (Air/Sea/Road) - dependent on TMS system.
  • Delivery Booking
  • Urgent Shipments
  • Arrived Shipments
  • Pending Arrivals
  • Document Upload (Commercial Invoices,C88,HBL,MAWB etc..) - with Blockchain security.
  • Demurrage Cost Estimations (Automatic including reporting)
  • Document Archive
  • Rates Archive
  • Vessel Tracking (See where your Air & Sea Road freight shipment is located).
  • Shipment Calendar
  • Container Utlisation Management (Target fill rates for sea freight)
  • Haulage Management
  • Last Mile GPS tracking - 3rd Party Integration.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities 
  • C02 Emissions Calculator (Air;Sea;Road) with the actionable information to help with carbon off-settings.
  • User Management/Organisation Management (With bulk user upload).
  • Notification/Instant Messaging (Demurrage warnings, Missing Documentation, Advice of Arrival, New Bookings)
  • Label Printing - Zebra Printer Standard Labels
  • Easy to use Reports on demand or scheduled:
    • All Shipments
    • Awaiting Customs Clearance
    • Shipments awaiting delivery
    • Container Utilsation KPI
    • C02 Emissions 
    • Average days Transit Time Port to Port (Sea/Air Freight)
    • Door to Door Average days Transit Times
    • Arrived to Delivered Average days Transit Times
    • Demurrage Reporting
    • Data Quality Reports
    • Users Usage reports

The system can be branded and integrated into your existing system via EDI or via API's. We can also provide full support and training on how to use this system and we have global technical support.

C02 Calculator


One of the most powerful functions of the portal is reporting. Customers have already stated that this features saves them hours in the week freeing up time to get other tasks done.


Gain on overview of when events are happening, useful so you can line up your schedule and anticipate busy times. Filter by departure, arrival, customs and delivery.


The search function allows you to find shipments by practically any record. The technology behind it means results are delivered quickly even if there are 1000's of records to go through.

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