CocoonCarbon is at the heart of our digital ecosystem, absolutely everything we do at CocoonFMS® is about making sure that we protect the environment.

We also realise that the logistics industry unfortunately is a big contributor to emissions that are harmful to the planet. That’s why all our servers are Carbon Offset and use electricity from wind farms and green eco-friendly sources.

We have also looked at how we can help logistics companies and their clients manage and report on their impact on the environment by developing CocoonCarbon.

We have done extensive research to find out how to measure and report on carbon emissions. We have gone to the lengths of actually speaking to pilots for 747 freight aircraft to find out how exactly the burn of fuel happens.

As we don’t operate our own vessels, planes or trucks we can’t work out the exact route each shipment takes, also there could be massive differences in weather conditions, speed of vessels, and other factors that can distort or affect a calculation.  We do however know the start and endpoints, and using our algorithms we can accurately calculate the distances, we can even for Road Freight work out the route distances suitable for HGVs. For Seafreight we can also plot the exact distance to the nearest 100 n/km.

Over the last 2 years, we have been enhancing our CocoonCarbon product we now have very accurate locations of ports, airports, and postcodes.  

Carbon Emissions Calculator

Our Carbon Emissions Calculator can measure your Carbon Footprint anywhere within the supply chain Door to Door and the bits in between.  For example, if you had 100kgs from shipping from Downtown Manhatten to Lichfield in the UK we can measure all the different emissions. Truck to JFK to Hamburg via Airplane,  Hamburg to Stansted via Airplane, Stansted to Lichfield via Truck. 

Not only do we measure the Carbon Emissions we also measure the following:

  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Particulate Matter Emissions

We display this information in a nice easy visual way. We don't stop there either! We also tell you actionable information to help with your Carbon Offsetting and also the cost to offset your Carbon Footprint via Carbon Credits, and by the ability to purchase trees through a Gold Standard partner which helps with the sequester of Carbon Emissions. Our calculations are based on the Protocol methodology

We have 5 options when it comes to using our product.

  1. Use our calculator (single search per mode per day).
  2. iFrame* - ask for our iframe and you can embed our calculator onto your website. (single search, not limits)
  3. Standalone Cloud-based tool - Ability to calculate 1 to 10000 shipments at a time, ability to report and keep track of Carbon Footprint.
  4. API - if you're more technically minded you can use our API  to directly link to our calculator and query our tool within your own systems.
  5. CocoonTMP® - The tool is integrated into the core of our CocoonTMP® product it means your clients can run reports or schedule daily, weekly, and monthly reports to see what their C02 emissions are by Mode of transport, Port of Loading, and Carrier. We also neatly display on the dashboard by mode your total C02 Emissions year to date. 

* you can't purchase trees via the iFrame, however, we do give the information needed to help you plant trees and Carbon Offset through Carbon Credits.

We have big plans for the tool which will enhance and improve the ability of anyone importing or exporting to measure their complete supply chain which will help with any Scope 3 projects and help your business to become Carbon Neutral.

For more information on CocoonCarbon please do get in touch.

Our Virtual Forests and Carbon Credits:

More Trees - Through The Hub Group

Ecologi Ltd

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

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