What Does Canada’s Carbon Tax Mean for Your Supply Chain?

May 16th 2022

Canada’s Carbon Tax Bill. What exactly does this mean for logistics and freighting? It means that it can get very expensive, very quickly, particularly for those wishing to get international shipping...

New tool helps Freight Forwards work out – and offset – their carbon impact

March 18th 2022

CocoonCarbon has been developed to help Freight Forwards and anyone moving shipments or using vehicles, to measure and calculate their Carbon Footprint and provide actionable results.

Green Leaves Logistics chooses CocoonTMP for their customer visibility

March 16th 2022

​Birmingham based freight forwarders Green Leaves Logistics has chosen CocoonFMS Ltd, to supply them with a track & trace system to move them light years ahead of the market. CocoonTMP® is a state of...

Worried About Carbon Neutrality as a Shipment Company? Here’s Why You Don’t Need to

March 08th 2022

Shipment companies need to work toward carbon neutrality. CocoonFMS’s software tools help measure, manage, and offset carbon emissions to reach that goal.

Launches new Cloud-based Demurrage Calculator - CocoonDEM

August 31st 2021

Needing an automated way to calculate demurrage & Detention, then we have the tool for you. A cloud-based calculator which can manage and calculate the costs.

Azyra TMS - Give full shipment visibility to your clients

April 23rd 2021

If your using Ayzra TMS our portal can easily bolt on to your TMS giving your clients full visibility to their shipments.

NEW Demurrage Calculator

February 26th 2021

Want to get a handle of your Container Demurrage Costs and Quay Rent? We have the perfect tool for you. Read more here

The Impact of Brexit on a Global Supply Chain

February 22nd 2021

Recent global events have severely impacted supply chains around the world. The COVID pandemic alone has forced entire industries to react quickly, and the twin impact of Brexit has revealed some seri...

How new software is helping to revolutionise international freight services

February 08th 2021

Simarco is an established, award winning provider of international road/air/sea freight forwarding and logistics services now uses CocoonTMP logistics portal, the flag ship product for CocoonFMS.

New Web App for CocoonTMP Customer visibility tool

December 01st 2020

CocoonFMS® Ltd has just extend the capabilities of their CocoonTMP product by enhancing the user experience to the next level by developing a web app developed by Cocoonfxmedia Ltd​ to allow the users...

Demurrage what is it?

November 24th 2020

One of the biggest unknown costs of shipping containers is Demurrage. It can increase your costs of your shipment by poor planning or world events. This blog gives a quick insight on what Demurrage is...

CocoonFMS partners with Blockchain experts

November 09th 2020

New partnership between CocoonFMS & CargoX brings costs savings and document security to supply chain management. CocoonTMP (Transport Management Portal) to allow 3PLs and freight forwarders customers...

New all-in-one digital ecosystem for supply chain management

October 07th 2020

Following its official company launch, CocoonFMS® Ltd is excited to announce an all-in-one digital ecosystem for the logistics and freight forwarding industry.

CocoonFMS® Ltd Official Launch

September 01st 2020

CocoonFMS® is a UK based Logistics software company providing innovation, tools and systems that increase productivity

The Benefits of a Freight Management Portal

August 17th 2020

Freight is a common form of transport used in the shipping and movement of goods, and the management of this process determines how smoothly and efficiently it goes.

Elements of Logistics

August 17th 2020

The logistics are critical activities that take place in a chain of supply. There are five main elements to the logistics within a supply chain are listed within this blog

Container Tracking making it simpler to do

August 07th 2020

Seafreight Container Tracking can be a time consuming job to find out when and where your shipments will arrive. CocoonFMS can help with this. Read out blog on how we can help.

The Importance of a Logistics Portal

August 06th 2020

A logistics portal is so critical for your clients. If you can't give clients access to their data easily they will just go somewhere else. This blog explains the importance of a logistics portal.

The Benefits of Using A Freight Management System

June 22nd 2020

Inventory and warehouse efficiency are critical to success in logistics, but these can also be com-plex areas with many moving parts. Using a Transport Management System enables you to streamline thes...

How To Choose A TMS Solution For Your Business

June 22nd 2020

One of the most important decisions that a logistics business needs to make in today’s day and age is what Transport Management System (TMS) to use.

FCL Global Logistics choose CocoonFMS for their online visibility

June 19th 2020

West Bromwich based freight forwarders FCL Global Logistics has chosen Cocoonfxmedia to supply them with a track & trace system to move them light years ahead of the market.

CocoonFMS Live DEMO

May 15th 2020

Live Demo for CocoonFMS

Key Benefits of a Customer Portal

May 15th 2020

CocoonFMS has been developed to help logistics companies digitalise. We can see 3 clear benefits to using our Logistics Portal for your clients. Read here

5 Reports your clients would like

April 20th 2020

Often clients of logistics companies require various reports to help them manage their supply chain and costs. Here are 5 examples of reports which are commonly required.


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