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Transport Management Portal for Logistics Companies

CocoonFMS® all-in-one digital ecosystem for supply chain management

CocoonFMS® is a Logistics software development company based in the UK with a global reach. Our mission is to be the software supplier of choice to the supply chain and logistics industry, with a vision to create standardisation in the Logistics and the Supply Chain space.

Our all-in-one digital ecosystem for the logistics and freight forwarding industry. This fully automated system provides the features modern logistics businesses need to improve accuracy, increase transparency, and boost productivity. An integrated, cost effective solution, the ecosystem equips small and mid-size companies with the advanced technology needed to level the playing field with larger forwarders. The ecosystem combines the following best-of-breed solutions in an integrated suite:

  • Magaya Supply Chain solution, delivering an industry-leading freight forwarding WMS/TMS System with rate management, customs compliance, and warehouse management platform
  • CocoonTMP Freight forwarder/3PL customer portal
  • Shipamax Ltd Bill of Lading / Commercial Invoice Automated Scanning
  • CargoX Blockchain Document Transfer platform 

Through a partnership with Magaya, its flagship solution, Magaya Supply Chain, can be used separately or in conjunction with CocoonTMP, providing a leading-edge logistics software platform for operations, accounting, tracking, connectivity, rate management, compliance, and more. The Magaya Supply Chain solution delivers unparalleled feature depth, enabling teams to work more collaboratively, cohesively, and efficiently and providing the rapid return on investment needed to thrive and grow in today’s competitive marketplace.

In the current environment larger freight forwarders have the advantage of having cutting edge technology. Now we can offer something for you to compete with the Kuehne + Nagel's and DB Schenker of the World. CocoonFMS® has worked in Logistics for many years. We understand the need of your clients and also we know that just selling on price/rates may not be enough to get those larger, more exciting clients.  

Our feature rich logistics software services provides your client with easy to use systems. For more information on our systems please call on 01543 223074 or contact us via the website by clicking here


One of the most powerful functions of the portal is reporting. Customers have already stated that this features saves them hours in the week freeing up time to get other tasks done.


Gain on overview of when events are happening, useful so you can line up your schedule and anticipate busy times. Filter by departure, arrival, customs and delivery.


The search function allows you to find shipments by practically any record. The technology behind it means results are delivered quickly even if there are 1000's of records to go through.

Got any questions the quickest thing to do is give us a call: 01543 223074